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  1. Where and how big is the proposed village?

  2. How does the proposal ensure that the Club won’t need help again?

  3. Is the Club actually in trouble?

  4. How does the village development contribute to the ongoing viability of the club?

  5. Why can’t you develop elsewhere on the site?

  6. Will you be guaranteeing there will be no further development?

  7. How much water do you use?

  8. What makes up the sustainable financial contribution?

  9. Will cars be able to get from Kitchener Street to Gowrie Drive?

  10. How will the Club become an emergency refuge?

  11. How long will the construction period be and how will construction traffic be managed?

  12. Is the Club being gifted the land for the driveway?

  13. How much money does the Club get from the proposal?