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Whilst consultation in relation to this proposal remains ongoing, consultation undertaken to date resulted in Federal Golf Club and Mbark making 22 commitments with respect to any Seniors Living proposal pursued at the Club.


A March 2018 update on our progress with these commitments can be found here.

Future develop-ment restricted




















Commitment in writing the Club’s acceptance of no future development of the site beyond this proposal.


Only the area required for the village development will be deconcessionalised and a Territory Plan Amendment sought.


We will commit to the land use as proposed in the plans discussed during the Panel meetings which restrict future development on any part of the site.


Commitment to adjustment of the Club's boundary area resulting in significant additions to the Red Hill Reserve area.

2. Water





















Commitment to deal with the issue upfront and include the upgraded irrigation system as part of Stage 1 works within the application, requiring completion before further works can continue.


Commitment to integrate the village stormwater into the the Club's storage and needs.


Commitment to maintain (or improve) pre development hydrology conditions post development.


Commitment to required on course storage capacityof 40ML and target zero potable water usage.

3. Environmental


















Commitment to the boundary adjustment that extends the Red Hill Reserve as outlined above resulting in material environmental and community benefits.


Commitment to maintain the current proposed development footprint which avoids bushfire management / fire mitigation works near the Red Hill Reserve boundary.


Commitment to mitigate and manage impacts of infrastructure design and construction methodology consulting RHR (and other relevant Community Groups).

4. Bushfire


Application to contain improvements / upgrade to existing emergency egresspoint at the end of Brereton Street

5. Traffic


Commitment to use localised content in the traffic assessment and consider the cumulative traffic impacts of other known developments in the area.

6. Access (Vehicle)

Commitment to the application containing no through road connections with Brereton Street and preserving the current vehicle access arrangements.


Commitment to include intersection and vehicle access arrangements in proposal that address the safety concerns for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists



7. Access (Community)

Commitment that there will be no restrictive changes to the current public access of the Club's lease area.


8. Sustainability




Commitment to minimise the Club's reliance on potable water using a comprehensive and integrated water design, storage and distribution network across the site.

Commitment to meet and exceed ACT government statutory requirements for the village proposal including electronic village transport.


Commitment to minimise carbon footprint of club and village operations by targeting an ‘off grid’ electricity network.

9. Landscape

Commitment to consult with RHR (and other relevant community groups) through development of landscaping strategy.

Commitment to no net tree losses on site and species improvement in replacement program.



10. Village Rules


Commitment to lodge a copy of the proposed village rules with the application that specifically address the items where the village rules will be used as a tool in the ongoing regulation.  These would include the prohibition of cats in the village and the control of landscaping areas, species and palettes for example

The purpose of this website is to follow the progress of a possible active and connected community for retirees and over 55’s as part of Federal Golf Club.


A program of extensive consultation has commenced with a wide ranging group of stakeholders to help shape a proposal that brings significant benefits to both the future residents and the broader community.  As the consultation continues this website will capture the discussions, concerns, concepts in a single place to make it convenient for those with an interest in the proposal to access the current information and also to avoid any misinformation being presented relating to the form, status or progress of any proposal.


We look forward to working with the interested and engaged stakeholder groups to deliver an outcome that is shaped by consultation, responsive to the needs of the community and world class in the active and connected lifestyle it provides for those who will call it home.

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