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We mean what we say

No further development

Whilst consultation in relation to this proposal remains ongoing, Federal has made a number of commitments with respect to any seniors living proposal at the Club. The first 22 are stated below for transparency and accountability and will be added to as necessary.

  • There will be no additional development of the site that is not golf club related.

  • Intensive commercial uses currently permitted will be removed from our lease, including motel/hotel uses.

  • Only the area required for the village development will be deconcessionalised.


  • Our water issues will be dealt with immediately and upfront, including the upgrade of the irrigation system before further works can commence.

  • The village stormwater capture will integrate into the Club’s water storage system.

  • Pre-development hydrology conditions will be maintained or improved post development.

  • Zero potable water use will be targeted for the golf course and a minimum of 40 megalitres storage capacity will be provided. Opportunities to expand this capacity to 60 - 80 megalitres will be investigated during the engineering phase.

Environment and Ecology

  • At least 100,000 sqm of high ecological value woodland will be permanently added to the Red Hill Nature Reserve.

  • Ecological corridors of at least 50 metres width will be preserved along the club’s southern and western boundaries.

  • The development footprint will not require bushfire management/fire mitigation works near the boundary of the Red Hill Nature Reserve

  • Removed locally endemic trees will be replanted at a ratio of 10:1

  • Net canopy coverage will increase post-development


  • There will be no trafficable access between the village and the clubhouse, preventing a thru-connection between Kitchener St and Gowrie Drive.

  • The construction of the village driveway intersection with Kitchener Street will include required safety and directional upgrades

Public Access

  • There will be no restrictive changes to the current public access of the Club’s lease area.


  • Reliance on potable water will be minimised through a comprehensive and integrated water storage and distribution network across the site.

  • ACT Government sustainability statutory requirements will be met and exceeded, including targeting 8-star home design and zero-emission vehicle use.

  • The carbon footprint of the club and village operations will be minimised by targeting an off-grid electricity network.


  • Environmental groups and other relevant groups will be consulted in the development of the proposal’s landscape strategy.

  • Residents neighbouring the southern and eastern boundaries of the golf course will be consulted regarding landscaping of their interface with the golf course.

  • There will be no net tree or canopy loss and an improvement in the species used in the replacement strategy.

Village rules

  • A copy of the proposed village rules will be lodged along with the development application including rules that will be used as tools for the ongoing operation of the village. These include the prohibition of cats in the village and the control of landscaping areas, species and colour palettes.

These commitments are only part of the story. Learn about our community initiatives here.

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