We continue to move forward in consultation with the community

A proposal was presented to the members of Federal Golf Club and a vote taken on whether to proceed with progressing a seniors living proposal with chosen partner Mbark. This vote was passed with a strong majority.

Jul-Oct 2017

Jun 2016

Late 2017

Pre-consulatation meeting and discussion has occurred with key stakeholders such as the Red Hill Regenerators and some Brereton Street residents in addition to the EPSDD run Community Panel process.  The outcomes of this process have been summarised in a report which is available here.

The Community Panel process has augmented a broader community consultation process held.  The outcomes of this process have been summarised in a report which is available here.

Oct 2018

Federal Golf Club choses to self-refer its proposal to the Department of the Environment and Energy to determine whether or not it will need formal assessment and approval under the EPBC Act. You can find a copy of the referral documents here:

The Club is now working with the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate on the Red Hill Nature Reserve Integrated Plan. As part of the preparation of the Integrated Plan we have committed to presenting the entire proposal, including designs and detailed technical reports. This substantial suite of information was prepared at the community’s request to properly inform decision makers and the community of the merits of the proposal. Further updates will be provided via this website and other written communication.


We welcome and continue to request any community contact in relation to the proposal at any time. Please reach out to us here.

The purpose of this website is to follow the progress of a possible active and connected community for retirees and over 55’s as part of Federal Golf Club.


A program of extensive consultation has commenced with a wide ranging group of stakeholders to help shape a proposal that brings significant benefits to both the future residents and the broader community.  As the consultation continues this website will capture the discussions, concerns, concepts in a single place to make it convenient for those with an interest in the proposal to access the current information and also to avoid any misinformation being presented relating to the form, status or progress of any proposal.


We look forward to working with the interested and engaged stakeholder groups to deliver an outcome that is shaped by consultation, responsive to the needs of the community and world class in the active and connected lifestyle it provides for those who will call it home.

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