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Our proposal is also about delivering real benefits for our local community

Federal has been consulting with a range of environmental, social and health related community groups about our proposal since 2016. We see our proposal as an opportunity to further improve what our Club can offer the community and demonstrate a best-in-class approach to responding to climate change impacts. Learn more about these initiatives below.

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Open space and biodiversity


Long term preservation of open space

Securing Federal’s financial future will preserve more than 80 Ha of open space and protect it from further development. The low impact, low intensity nature of the built form will be integrated into a precinct containing significant native landscaping which will complement the existing bushland environment.


Permanent expansion of the Red Hill Nature Reserve

The proposal is an opportunity to add more than 100,000sqm of high ecological value woodland to the existing Red Hill Nature Reserve, providing additional public amenity and permanent environmental benefits.


‘Urban heat’ mitigation benefits

By averting the closure of the golf course and improving our water security, the proposal ensures the ongoing and long-term maintenance of the course vegetation and water bodies that have been identified by CSIRO’s Mapping surface urban heat in Canberra report as key in reducing the urban heat impacts to neighbourhoods surrounding the course.


Improve local biodiversity value

Our proposal will include mass planting of locally endemic vegetation, the construction of new permanent water bodies and improvements in ongoing watering and management of the landscape. These actions provide an opportunity to improve the condition and ecological value of our land short and long-term.

Our climate change response and a target of net zero emissions


Climate-ready, environmentally sustainable homes 

To respond to our changing climate and reduce energy needs, all homes will adopt best practice sustainability standards targeting 8 stars or better


100% renewable energy generation and storage onsite

We will target operating the retirement village ‘off grid’ by investing in the implementation of large-scale integrated battery and solar energy infrastructure controlled by the Club.


Active transport infrastructure and equipment

Based on our initial engagement with PedalPower ACT, fund the delivery of new cycling and pedestrian infrastructure that increases connectivity to the existing active transport network and provide village residents with access to their own fleet of electric bicycles.


Zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) incentives 

Take-up of ZEVs will be supported by including charging infrastructure in homes and reducing the overall need for vehicles by residents by providing a fleet of ZEVs for shared use. This can include providing free public charging points at the resident community facility and Federal Clubhouse.


Carbon positive tree planting

To contribute to the net absorption and storage of greenhouse gases over the course of its 99 year lease term, initiate a 10:1 ratio for planting 10 new trees for every single tree removed. This also includes an ability to increase the net canopy coverage over the whole of the site.

Social and community opportunities


Emergency community refuge

The new or upgraded clubhouse will act as a heat and smoke relief centre during emergency situations with appropriate air filtration systems. FGC will be ideally placed to provide assistance during natural disasters; being located outside high bushfire risk areas and with the potential to operate off-grid.


Social inclusion and fit-for-purpose homes for older Australians

Retirement villages are inclusive communities known to reduce social isolation, allow residents to age-in-place and provide homes that suit the needs and lifestyles of older Australians.


Continue as a sustainable non-gaming club

Federal removed its gaming machines about 4 years ago. This proposal provides a sustainable diversified income source and allows us to continue to focus on being a community sports club.

These community initiatives are also supported by a range of commitments we have made to the community. You can learn more about those here.

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