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On Saturday 31 July we were invited to present to the Garran Residents’ Association following the recent approval of the Red Hill Integrated Plan.

Our presentation shared concept plans of how the 18-hole golf course could be retained, and outlined the principles by which the future design of the retirement village would be undertaken. It also corrected some false assumptions spreading throughout the community regarding the potential retirement village footprint.

This was the first in many future consultation engagements with community members. You can find a copy of the presentation and an accompanying statement from the President of the Federal Golf Club here.

The ACT Government has agreed to a final Integrated Plan for Red Hill Nature Reserve and Surrounds.

The Red Hill Integrated Plan is an important step in bringing long-term certainty to the Red Hill environment by protecting important ecological areas and ensuring the survival of the Federal Golf Club. A 125 dwelling low-impact retirement village is recommended for the southern portion of Federal’s site, accessed by a new driveway from Kitchener Street.

You can read the final Red Hill Integrated Plan


The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate has prepared a draft Red Hill Integrated Plan.

The draft Plan was developed in close consultation with various stakeholder groups over a two-year period and involved a range of independent technical studies. These studies support recommendations that will provide for Federal to propose a retirement village in the southern portion of its site.

You can read the draft Red Hill Integrated Plan here and the accompanying traffic analysis here.

You can learn more about the history of our proposal here