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Picked by us as best-in-class

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Federal Golf Club initiated a process of identifying a development and operating partner for the retirement community following the independent report into our financial sustainability options in 2013. We chose Mbark, a mature but still family-owned business on the following criteria:

Social values

Mbark specialises in partnering with not-for-profit organisations to improve the use of their land and allow them to sustainably continue their social missions. An example includes Wivenhoe Village in Camden, NSW which was delivered together with the Sisters of the Good Samaritan.

Environmental credentials

Mbark has delivered several environmental projects at its villages including the construction of a wetland and wildlife sanctuary at The Arbour, Berry and the conservation of 120 hectares of protected Cumberland Plain Woodland at Wivenhoe Village, Camden, NSW


Mbark is one of Australia’s most awarded retirement community developers having been awarded Australia’s Best Retirement Community for both of their completed villages.

Federal has negotiated a robust financial outcome from this project and will be paid by Mbark regardless of how financially successful the development is. The Club will receive both the immediate capital we need to fix our water and club infrastructure and repay our debts, and will require that the village makes a significant financial contribution to the Club every year. This combination of short-term capital and a long-term annual income stream will ensure Federal’s sustainable financial future.


Learn more about Mbark’s completed villages The Arbour, Berry and Wivenhoe Village, Camden

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