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Our responses to representations on DA202344252/60/64

Thank you to all who recently submitted their comments to the Planning Authority on our development applications. These representations included some common themes, including recent misconceptions about the size of the retirement village increasing and alternate uses for the site.

Development area is not increasing

The development areas have not increased. The retirement village and other works are the same size and have the same area as was presented to the community back in 2023. The subdivision boundary line has moved in a recent application amendment to include the adjacent approved water storage dam. This is required to allow the water collected from the roads and roofs of the retirement village to be used by the Club, an important water capture outcome critical to the Club’s water sustainability. The water storage dam will not be included in the retirement village lease area and will remain in control of the Club.

No pitch and putt or driving range will be developed

The applications do not seek approval for a pitch and putt or a driving range. No pitch and putt, driving range or any other similar development would be developable because of this DA. The illustrations in the amended application respond to the Authority’s request to demonstrate uses for the subdivided area that is not the existing use (6th and 7th holes) and already permitted in the Club’s lease. Before they could be developed a separate development application would be required. They are not supported by the Club, and it will not be submitting a development application for them.

Our detailed responses to these and other comments can be viewed here. Further responses to representations on other application will be shared on this website in the future.

If you have any questions regarding the project or the development applications, please reach out to us with questions at


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