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Development applications update – approval and amendments

Following the submission of our development applications in February 2024 we are pleased to share the following updates:


  • The golf course works DA has been approved. This confirms the retention of the 18-hole championship course at Federal and includes elements of its water collection and reuse works. You can find the development approval here

  • An amended retirement village DA and separate entry road DA have been submitted in response to the specific technical feedback received from the community and Territory agencies on the earlier retirement village application. It is important to note that the retirement village design and size has not changed from the initial application.

  • A new development application for a water storage basin has been submitted. This is a critical investment in the Club’s water sustainability and will deliver a substantial increase in the Club’s water storage capacity.

  • A new development application to add 'retirement village of a maximum 125 units'  to the FGC lease has been submitted. This only applies to the area that contains the retirement village and not the whole FGC lease.

  • Finally, the subdivision application has been updated in response to agency feedback to include the adjacent dam and address technical planning matters.


All the above mentioned applications can be viewed in full on the ACT Government’s website here


A summary of the applications required for the project, including the future applications yet to be submitted, is pictured below and can be viewed in more detail here

If you have any questions regarding the project or the development applications, please reach out to us with questions at

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