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Retirement Community

Welcome to Federal Golf Club’s community engagement website

Federal is proposing to build a retirement community within our golf course. This website will share information about the proposal and keep you up to date with the latest developments and our continuing community consultation process.


About the project

Federal welcomes the ACT Government's decision to recommend the development of a low-impact retirement community at the southern end of our golf course. This project will deliver up to 125 retirement dwellings in a bushland environment that allows us to preserve the 18-hole golf course and deliver ongoing benefits to the local community.

Federal is in this critical position after more than a decade of difficult climatic conditions and heavily increasing water costs. We now spend up to $2 million annually maintaining the public-access green space that includes the golf course and surrounding environment, but we do not have the financial reserves or resources to survive another hot and dry summer. 

The development of the retirement community will secure our long-term financial sustainability and pay for the immense cost of replacing our failing water infrastructure, creating new wetlands and substantial water storage basins. We will also use this one-time-only opportunity to improve our ecological and social contributions to the local community.

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