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Pre-DA consultation for proposed concessional lease variation and retirement village design and siting


Federal Golf Club and its retirement village operator partner Mbark held a pre-DA consultation on its proposed concessional lease variation and retirement village design and siting applications between 24 June and 5 August, 2023. 

This consultation followed the process giving effect to Plan Variation 384 (approved in May 2023) to amend the Red Hill and Garran Precinct Maps and Codes consistent with the Red Hill Integrated Plan – recommendation 7. Recommendation 7 directed that changes be made to the Territory Plan to make provision for a maximum 125 unit retirement village at the Federal Golf Course (Red Hill section 56 parts of block 1) with access off Kitchener Street (Garran section 10 block 76). 

Plan Variation 384 also rezoned more than 10 ha of land considered to be of high ecological value in the north-west portion of the site to NUZ3 hills ridges and buffer zone to facilitate its incorporation into the Red Hill Nature Reserve.

The proposal

The proposal seeks to remove the concessional status from approximately 5.8 ha of Federal’s 85.9 ha lease area to allow a retirement village to be sited on the new non-concessional parcel. Federal will remain the owner of both resulting lots.
The proposal further seeks to design and site 125 retirement village homes, parks, entry driveway and residents’ facilities on the proposed non-concessional lot, with access off Kitchener Street. The retirement village contains:

  • 77 detached single-storey 3-bedroom homes.

  • 48 apartments across six 3-storey buildings.

  • An entry driveway from Kitchener Street including associated landscaping.

  • Retained mature vegetation within the village area as part of more than 9,000 sqm of parklands.

  • A residents health and wellbeing facility.

Consultation materials

In the links below you will find a range of documents that detail what is being proposed, including site plans, elevations and supporting materials palettes and visual renders.

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