What have been some of the outcomes from the consultation process to date?

Consultation on this proposal has been ongoing now for 3 years with a heavy focus on local environmental matters and discussions with local stakeholder groups.


These discussions, particularly those relating to the Red Hill Nature Reserve, have resulted in significant modifications to the initial thinking and demonstrated how a genuine approach to consulting and listening has resulted in matters raised being able to be addressed in practical or structural ways to mitigate concerns and impacts.

Many groups we have been consulting with have approached discussions in a way that we are thankful for. Their input has been respected and they will have seen real changes to address their concerns as a result. To see how the proposal has been shaped by consultation, we have summarised some of the matters raised and the actions taken to address them. To help follow the chronology of events we have separated these into firstly, the preliminary consultations, secondly, the Community Panel sessions and finally, the community drop-in sessions recently held.


Preliminary Consultations


A summary of concerns raised during these early discussions was represented in a letter that 10 community groups signed and sent to the Minister for Planning and Land Management on 3 July 2016. You can read a copy of this letter here.


Mbark’s response to this letter can be read here.


There have been significant further amendments to the proposal since these letters were written. We recommend reviewing the concerns in the current context here.

Community Panel Sessions

The Community Panel sessions were arranged to allow a broader stakeholder group to make comments and ask questions about the proposal and help shape the process it was likely to follow.


The timing of the Panel (Pre DA preparation) was arranged to ensure the groups were able to raise concerns and give aspirations for any proposal BEFORE it was formulated and designed to a point where changes were considered difficult.  Community consultation is often criticised because proposals are seen as being too far advanced for the feedback to be meaningfully incorporated.


Our commitment is to run a genuine consultation process where all views, including those that are supportive of the proposal and want input into housing choice and affordability, are taken on board and to the extent the proposal is able to, modifications are made to improve community acceptance.  The Panel sessions were very valuable in this regard and were instrumental in shaping the proposal, the approach and specifically the commitments that are being made as part of the proposal (under the Commitments tab on this website).


Not all community groups in attendance at the panel sessions are supportive of the proposal but they can rest assured that their feedback and concerns have been heard.  It was not the panel’s role to assess the merits of the proposal and act as a consent authority.  Rather, the feedback received needs to be incorporated into any applications made for formal assessment and approval and there is a legislated process under which that next stage will take place.

The proposal has been amended and the commitments are clear.  It is now appropriate that the proposal is able to be viewed by the broader public for their feedback prior to any advancement.


We presented information in response to many of the matters raised at the Panel meetings.  To see these presentations please follow the links to Meeting 1Meeting 2Meeting 3.


Following the panel sessions and the provision of further details relating to the proposal, the concerns seem to be clear or at least concentrated into a few key areas.  A summary of these matters as at the time of the panel sessions are available here.

Six community groups have prepared a combined report on the Community Panel process. This report, including the Club’s responses, can be found here.

Community Drop-in Sessions

Three drop-in sessions were held to answer questions and discuss your views with the community. These were held on Wednesday 6/12/17 and Thursday 7/12/17.

The outcomes of this process have been summarised in a report which is available here.